On this page the reader doesn’t get a lot of special medical information. No docotor brags about his know-how.  Now it’s our turn! 

You can read the personal stories by kids, parents and teens about their lives or experiences with TAR in their daily life. 

For example I talk about my school experience or how I struggled for my driving licence. Here are our reports! Funny stories or sometimes- sad stories.


Parents tell us how they had to learn to handle the new situation as their kids were born. Brothers and Sisters tell us how they cope with their brothers and sisters syndrom.

The TAR kids are still too young to write their own texts. Most of the texts are from parents. Unfortunatly we have only one text from a TAR teen.

We the creaters of this page we hope that we’ll find much more people who have funny, sad or pep stories…please write us, we’re waiting for!